Shea Park - Online Media Specialist

Ms. Park has over a decade of Online Marketing experience and has managed marketing budgets in excess of $10MM per year per client. Her media buying methods provide a direct buy price, with a specific ROI focus, and single point of contact marketing solution. Shea's history and success for clients has earned her a solid reputation in the online marketing arena. Shea is considered in the industry and by her peers as one of the top media strategist and buyers. Core competencies are in media planning, buying, and performance-based advertising.

Shea has developed in Internet buying reach that includes 50 Top web properties, direct buys with AOL, MSN, Yahoo, Ask Network, Nextag, Myspace, Youtube, etc. Shea also maintains relationships with 35 online ad networks (totaling 75K sites), 15 Affiliate networks (totaling 65K sites) and 10 Top permission-based email suppliers; reaching over 40 million unique customers. Primarily, Shea develops performance based marketing strategies, namely lead generation.