Bradley Brownstein - President

Bradley Brownstein

Mr. Brownstein founded a travel services business in July of 1993. Embracing newly emerging internet technologies he successfully grew the company to nearly 200 employees and almost $50MM per year in revenues before selling to a private multi-billion dollar investment firm in December of 2003. Travelworm continues to flourish today.

Shortly after selling Travelworm, Mr. Brownstein began consulting for a wide range of service oriented companies. He participated in a variety of ways from the development and implementation of minor initiatives to the formation and execution of complete business and marketing plans. He has a passion for being involved with companies who are seeking to get on the web or are looking to improve their current business and marketing strategies.

Having managed every facet of a growing business and having dealt with nearly every conceivable challenge Mr. Brownstein takes great pride when other companies invite him to share their vision and work together so that the company can reach their full potential. The most important philosophy he holds true is to approach and utilize new technologies from a traditional and well grounded perspective. Though he has an in depth understanding of all the "Techno-Jargon" that goes on behind the scenes he prefers the human approach and always communicates in plain English. His keen ability to provide practical solutions for business challenges is matched by his desire for quantifiable results that yield profitable growth. Mr. Brownstein pursued his Bachelors of Science Degree in Business, with a concentration in Marketing, at Excelsior College, and studied graduate course work at California State University Northridge.