Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)

This is an advertising model on the internet where advertisers only pay when a user actually clicks on an ad to visit the advertiser's website, often referred to as Paid Search or Sponsored Search. These ads will appear on search engines and other relevant websites when users search for a particular keyword or key word phrase. Often the ads are highlighted, appearing on the top of the results page and may be labeled as a Sponsored Link or Sponsored Ad. The advertiser determines the maximum amount they are willing to pay for each click, for each keyword. The cost per click can vary from $0.01 to well over $5.00 for some keywords, but the internet-wide average cost per click is about $0.40.

Pay Per Click Marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools an advertiser can use. Some key benefits about these campaigns are how quickly they can be implemented and how effectively they can be tracked. Though it takes some time to refine these types of advertising campaigns for each individual business the ROI (Return on Investment) can be determined in a very short period of time. When moving forward with an advertising campaign of this type we begin by identifying all of the keywords and phrases that are most often searched by internet users to find the products and services you offer. Then we review the marketplace to see what your competition is doing. We develop the most effective copy for your titles and descriptions and then after doing some preliminary testing, we strategically select the key phrases that best perform for your business and that generate the best returns for you. We monitor all of our accounts on a daily basis, make changes as needed, and constantly look for ways to improve the results.

Almost since the inception of pay per click advertising in the late 1990's, we have been developing and managing these types of campaigns with up to 20,000 key phrases per campaign. Having been involved in this aspect of internet marketing for so long we have successfully developed strategic and inventive ways to help maximize the clicks from the genuinely interested prospects, who are likely to become your customers, while reducing the clicks from the internet users that have a low potential to convert into sales. We have even consulted for the major search engines on techniques to reduce fraudulent click activity within this advertising model. Our vast experience with these campaigns provides us deep insight into all the subtle nuances of advertising in this manner, allowing us to generate the maximum return for your advertising investment.

There are numerous search engines that offer pay per click advertising opportunities. Primarily we like to focus on the big 3 which include Yahoo, Google and MSN. These top search engines have the largest reach on the internet. The results from pay per click campaigns from these three search engines will appear on many other search engines, portals and websites through various content and search distribution programs. Hence, your pay per click ads will appear on tens of thousands of websites.

There are many other pay per click sites that have the potential to produce some marginal results, but they tend to have minimal reach and are often subject to fraudulent click practices. When selecting which pay per click sites to spend your hard earned dollars it is important to make choices based on quality rather than quantity.

The majority of our competitors who are involved in the pay per click management business typically charge their customer's both a recurring service fee plus a percentage of the total amount their customers spend on click charges, usually 15% - 25%. The accounts are typically serviced by a junior sales associate with limited experience, using a broad spectrum automated process to generate keywords, develop titles and descriptions, and bid on placement. Additionally, some competitors will place their customers on mediocre pay per click websites that deliver non-qualified, low performing traffic, but offer kickbacks to the management company.

At Prescription Strength Marketing we are interested in building lasting relationships with our customers. After analyzing your products, services and competition we will develop a strategic operational plan to drive the most qualified traffic to your site through pay per click advertising. A highly trained and experienced pay per click marketing specialist will be assigned to your account who will hand pick your keywords / key phrases, write intelligent advertising copy and manually upload the ads to the appropriate pay per click sites. Then our specialist will develop a management and reporting plan to constantly monitor and optimize your campaign and report the results. Drawing on the strengths of experienced internet marketers and following these rigid guidelines is the only way to ensure that the most profitable outcome will be achieved for our customers. We arrange for your actual click costs to be paid directly to the search engines and we only charge a simple flat monthly management fee based on the size and complexity of your account.

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