Lead Generation

This fast growing segment in internet marketing is reaching epic proportions. Highly popular among service businesses and high ticket retailers, lead generation is the process of collecting information on a prospective customer that is seeking information or wants to be contacted regarding a specific product or service. There are several types of lead generation. We categorize them into four segments including: Active Specific Request, Active General Request, Co-Registration and Incentivized.

Active Specific Request Leads
The prospective customer is actively looking for and requesting information about a specific product or service. Typically, they will provide their personal or company contact information, the type of products or services they are looking for, when they would like to be contacted and when they are contemplating making their buying decision. These are considered the "Hottest" and most valuable leads and they do tend to be priced accordingly. These leads have the highest potential to convert into a sale.

Active General Request Leads
The prospective customer is looking for a product or service within a general category, but does not necessarily have a specific item in mind, nor a well defined timeline. They will likely make a purchase at some point, but may have a longer sales cycle. The information that would be available on this prospect is similar to an Active Specific Request lead. These are very good leads and we would label them as "Very Warm". The pricing on these leads will be somewhat lower than the Active Specific Leads. These leads usually have a good conversion potential.

Co-Registration Leads
There are typically two methods of how these leads are generated.
Method 1 - An internet user requests information on a specific product or service, which may or may not be related to your products and services - At the end of their request they are asked if they would also like to receive information on other products or services.
Method 2 - An internet user is finalizing a purchase of a product or service - At the end of the transaction the customer is asked if he / she would also like to receive information on other products or services. The leads from Method 2 are slightly more qualified considering they are an active internet buyer. Co-Registration Leads are generally inexpensive and are relatively easy to acquire. They're not the best leads out there, but they can be profitable as long as the company buying them has the ability to effectively manage them.

Incentivized Leads
These leads are generated when an internet user visits a website that is offering something for free in return for completing a survey or for simply providing their contact information. The user is asked to select one or more products or services that they would like to receive information on. These leads are very inexpensive, but also have a low likelihood of conversion. We generally steer our clients away from these types of leads. The only reasons to consider these leads are if you have manned call centers with lots of downtime or to use as a substitute when better leads are not available or to provide to sales people in training.

The pricing on all leads depends on the industry and the demand. It is important to understand the nature of this customer acquisition method as well as knowing the reliable providers in the business. There are companies (we won't name them) that generate incentivized leads and sell them as Direct leads for exorbitant prices. They generally don't get repeat business. We have performed an extensive due diligence process with the sources where we acquire leads for our customers and we only work with the most ethical and upstanding partners.

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