Affiliate Programs

Imagine having a vast network of sales representatives working for you 24 hours a day who only get paid when they bring you customers or actually sell your product or service. The affiliate marketing model is where you reward another business (The Affiliate or Publisher) when they send customers to you (The Advertiser). The affiliate, often referred to as a Publisher, may carry out a number of actions to promote your business and to send customers to your website and they may be rewarded in a variety of ways. Primarily, Affiliates are rewarded in three different ways.

  1. Cost Per Click (CPC) - The Affiliate is paid for each click they deliver to your website
  2. Cost Per Lead (CPL) - The Affiliate is paid for each customer lead they provide you
  3. Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) - The Affiliate is paid for each actual sale you make as a result of their publishing efforts. For some retail and service businesses the sales transaction can actually occur on the Publisher's website. Consider them to be a distributor of your product or service that is paid on a commission only basis.

There are numerous affiliate networks that can produce a massive number of affiliates in a relatively short period of time. While we find that a few of these affiliate networks have merit and may be worth trying we have found repeatedly that the returns are often erratic or not worth the effort.

We prefer a more strategic approach. By handpicking websites that offer something that has true relevance to your businesses, and does not directly compete with you, we forge true business alliances with these publishing partners to create a Win-Win situation between your business and your affiliate. The outcome from this strategic approach has a better chance of generating positive returns for both advertiser and publisher. And, whenever possible we apply a Cost Per Acquisition or Cost Per Lead model so that you are not paying for fraudulent clicks or for internet traffic that may not be well suited for your product or service.

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